Make Informed Decisions Related to COVID-19 and Mental Health

To help support the mental health community during the COVID-19 crisis, SMI Adviser provides timely and authoritative resources, education, consultation, tools and more. Let SMI Adviser help you navigate this evolving situation. This page offers guidance on how to support your patients and practice.

We plan to maintain and update this page frequently as new information is available.
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Resources on COVID-19 and Serious Mental Illness

SMI Adviser compiled a list of resources for clinicians who serve individuals with serious mental illness (SMI). During this crisis, refer to the evidence-based resources below for specific guidance around COVID-19. If you have specific questions on recent changes in telepsychiatry, prescribing clozapine, or any other topic, you may request a consultation from one of our national experts.

Education Activities about COVID-19

Where COVID and SMI Intersect: Inpatient Models of Care and Workforce Impacts

SMI and COVID: Successful Models and Protocols

Innovative Approaches to Services During COVID 19 Restrictions

COVID-19 Resources

Browse trending questions, clinician resources, and patient handouts on COVID-19.

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