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Our Vision

Our Vision

To transform care for people who have serious mental illness so they can live their best lives.

Our Mission

To advance the use of a person-centered approach to care that ensures people who have SMI find the treatment and support they need.

For clinicians, we offer access to education, data, and consultations so you can make evidence-based treatment decisions.

For patients, families, friends, people who have questions, or people who care for someone with SMI, we offer access to resources and answers from a national network of experts.


How SMI Adviser Transforms Care


Supports real-world clinical practice with education, evidence, and consultations.


Answers questions about evidence-based screening and treatments. It supports their use as part of best practice care plans.


Involves all persons in the conversation about care. Content and answers have input from clinical experts, peers, families, and people receiving care.


Provides answers on all facets of SMI and directs everyone to the resources and support they may need.

A Powerful Partnership

In July 2018, the American Psychiatric Association (APA) was awarded a five-year, $14.2 million grant from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) to establish a Clinical Support System for Serious Mental Illness. That is how SMI Adviser began and its purpose is to support clinical care.

The APA leads a broad team of experts and organizations who work on the project. This team includes experts in:

  • iconClinical Treatment
  • iconInstructional Design
  • iconPeer Support
  • iconTechnology
  • iconRecovery
  • iconMarketing
  • iconPatient and Family Engagement

10.8 Million Visits

People with SMI make more than 10.8 million
visits to emergency departments each year


A Commitment to Underserved Communities

The diversity of the United States continues to increase. Census data projects that by 2044 more than half of all people in the U.S. will belong to minority groups. These groups often face greater burdens when it comes to serious mental illness (SMI). This may be due to stigma, difficult access to health care, and other cultural and systemic barriers.

Education and technical assistance are key strategies to address mental health disparities in minority communities. With the right knowledge and skills, health care providers can deliver care that is informed by cultural norms and needs. That is where SMI Adviser helps. SMI Adviser offers educational materials, clinical consultations, and toolkits that promote culturally competent care for people who have SMI. SMI Adviser also serves as a resource for families and communities. Our work helps reduce stigma and promote evidence-based treatment for all persons in need of care for serious mental illness.

SMI Adviser is proud to have a strong commitment to minority and underserved communities. Our ongoing work includes active plans to:

  • Engage all stakeholders.
  • Enhance the level of professional collaboration in all communities.
  • Promote ways to reduce mental health disparities.

The Team

The Core Clinical Team

Tristan Gorrindo, MD

Principal Investigator

American Psychiatric Association

Teri Brister, PhD, LPC

SMI Patient and Family Engagement Expert

National Alliance on Mental Illness

Amy N. Cohen, PhD

Implementation Scientist and SMI Psychological Treatment Expert

University of California, Los Angeles

Benjamin Druss, MD, MPH

SMI Health Systems Expert

Emory University

Patrick Hendry

SMI Recovery and Peer-to-Peer Engagement Expert

Mental Health America

Donna Rolin, PhD, APRN

SMI Nursing Expert

University of Texas, Austin

John Torous, MD, MBI

SMI Technology Expert

Harvard Medical School

Alexander S. Young, MD, MSHS

SMI Physician Expert

University of California, Los Angeles

SMI Staff

The SMI Staff Team

Mindi Smith

American Psychiatric Association

Lead Designer, Digital Learning and Technology

Glenn Laudenslager IV, MBA

Marketing and Engagement Expert

Charge Ahead Marketing

Lauren Cook, MSW

American Psychiatric Association

Project Manager

Zhuoyin Yang

American Psychiatric Association

Project Manager

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