What is the current adoption of telemental health in the United States? How does my state compare to others?

Telemental health offers a tool to expand access to care for all patients including those with serious mental illness. The most common form of telemental health is video visits via the internet. In 2017, the most recent data published in 2019 [1] suggests that nearly 30% of all United States mental health facilities are offering some version of telemental health. This number is nearly doubled from 2010 when it was 15%. Suicide prevention is the third most utilized clinical intervention offered via telemental health according to this paper (therapy and medication services are #1 and #2). The uptake of telemental health does vary from state to state however, and figure 2B allows you to check your own state (if you have access to the paper).

You can always access this state by state resource on telehealth from the American Telemedicine Association.


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