There is a known association between depression and pain but is there also a connection between bipolar disorder and pain?

Chronic pain has a strong association with major depressive disorder (MDD), but there are not a lot of studies that examine if that association exists between bipolar disorder (BD) and pain. This study highlights that chronic pain in multiple parts of the body commonly co-occurs with mood disorders, particularly bipolar disorder. Individuals who report chronic pain and multiple sites of pain are more likely to have major depression and are at higher risk of bipolar disorder compared to the general population. Patients who present to psychiatrists should discuss with their providers treatment goals that include reducing pain, maximizing function, and improving quality of life. Patients should realize that psychiatrists have the knowledge and skills to address chronic pain and should not be shy or hesitant to discuss physical complaints or concerns to mental health professionals.

Access Chronic multisite pain in major depression and bipolar disorder: cross-sectional study of 149,611 participants in UK Biobank.

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