Do individuals with serious mental illness want their families involved in their care?

There are so many ways your family or close personal friend could be involved in your care. Involvement could be ongoing supportive or educational groups led by a physician or a family member. Involvement could be your supportive family/friend talking to your care team, like your psychiatrist or social worker, to learn about your illness or how to support your recovery. Involvement could include your supportive family/friend talking with your care team to learn more about your medications or signs of when you are getting more ill. It could include having your supportive family/friend accompanying you to an appointment and taking notes for you. The important thing is for you to let your care team know if you want someone involved in your care and how you want them involved. You have the ability to limit what your involved family/friend can learn about you and your treatment. And you can change your mind at any time—maybe you want them involved now but later you decide to limit their involvement. It’s all up to you. Talk with your care team.

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