Can technology help increase medication adherence in SMI?

There are many technologies that may help individuals with serious mental illness take the right medications at the right time. It is not easy to manage a complicated medication plan. Technology has helped some people. For example, there are technologies that send a text message reminder to take your meds, there are smartphone apps that can remind and help, there are digital pill bottles that record each time you open them, and also a routine phone call from a family member or your clinical team can help remind you to stay on track with your medications. There is no one best technology to assure you complete your medication regime as indicated. Instead, consider some of these examples when you talk with your clinical team in order to form the best support for you so that you can carry out the medication regime that keeps you on track and well.


Steinkamp JM, Goldblatt N, Borodovsky JT, LaVertu A, Kronish IM, Marsch LA, Schuman-Olivier Z. Technological Interventions for Medication Adherence in Adult Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders: A Systematic Review. JMIR Ment Health 2019;6(3):e12493

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