What is there to know about structured outcome and other assessments in mental health?

Structured measurement in mental health services is an enormous topic. Many books, and many reviews, have been written on this topic, including reviews of measures. Some to start with are:
Outcome Measurement in Psychiatry: A Critical Review
Mental Health Outcome Measures 
Outcomes Compendium: Helping you select the right tools for best mental health care practice in your field

Regarding plans to implement routine outcome measurement, a good resource is the PsychPRO, the APA Mental Health Registry.

With routine outcome measurement, it is helpful to start by thinking about how the outcomes will be used, specifically, which treatment for which disorder will be implemented or changed by the outcomes. For more in schizophrenia, see:
Routine Outcomes Monitoring to Support Improving Care for Schizophrenia: Report from the VA Mental Health QUERI
Implementing Patient-Reported Outcomes to Improve the Quality of Care for Weight of Patients with Schizophrenia

If there is a treatment that this could help with, you can place an SMI consult with a question regarding implementing the service, and receive implementation support regarding outcome measurement and that service.

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