What factors should I consider when reopening an office or clinic for in-person visits after the pandemic?

There are many topics to consider around employee safety, physical office space, and the safety of patients and family members.

Reopening your practice also presents an opportunity to assess a number of important areas. This list includes:

  • which treatment modalities work best for each individual
  • how to have conversations around safety-related issues, such as wearing a mask
  • staffing issues that you need to address to ensure there are no gaps in service

You can use this checklist from SMI Adviser on Reopening Your Mental Health Practice to help guide your preparation. It provides a list of important issues to consider. This checklist is ideal for practices that serve individuals who have serious mental illness (SMI).


For additional reference, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has many guidelines for the full workforce. They go far beyond mental health practices and include information on employee safety and other protocols. Your local and state agencies may also have specific protocols that apply to your practice or to your local area.

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