What are some techniques individuals can do to cope with psychotic symptoms?

The literature identifies some techniques that have been successfully used by patients to either cope with active psychotic symptoms or prevent recurrence of particular symptoms.

These include:

  1. Avoidance: particularly avoiding behaviors and situations that have triggered symptoms in the past (e.g., use of alcohol, scary movies, chaotic work situations);
  2. Utilizing supportive others: connecting with non-judgmental supports including support groups;
  3. Taking medications as prescribed;
  4. Enacting cognitive strategies: these might be used in the face of symptoms to systematically reason through problematic thinking, its basis in reality, and possible alternative interpretations;
  5. Controlling the environment: this might be making a quiet space or being around others;
  6. Engaging spirituality: this might be a way to find non-judgmental supports, find peace, escape chaos;
  7. Focus on well-being including the importance of exercise, sleep, eating well; and
  8. Employment or continuing their education: this provides activity that is absorbing and distracting, gives a sense of purpose, and structure to the week.
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