What are some strategies for incorporating peer support specialists onto Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) Teams?

Several considerations can help make the most of peer specialists on an ACT team:
1. Develop a clear scope of practice outlining roles and tasks.
2. Recognize that these specialists are not providing clinical care but peer services focusing on supporting recovery of clients served by the team.
3. Consider having more than one peer on a team to allow mutual support and feedback across the peer specialists.
4. Consider training in use of tools such as Wellness Recovery Action Plans to allow peers to develop structured plans for the clients they are working with.

For more information about effective teamwork in ACT programs, including how to incorporate peers into those teams, view this free SMI Adviser webinar: The Work is Only as Good as the Team: Strategies for Developing a Strong Interprofessional Team Collaboration (February 2020).

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