Transitioning Clients from Coordinated Specialty Care: A Guide for Clinicians

This resource was selected by SMI Adviser content partners and approved by the SMI Adviser clinical expert team for inclusion in the knowledge base.

This Guidance Document provides recommendations to Coordinated Specialty Care (CSC) staff who help facilitate these transitions. It provides practical strategies for assessing readiness for transition, identifying post-CSC goals and needs, finding appropriate community resources to meet these needs, making referrals to formal services, managing the actual transition, and conducting follow-up. In addition to discussing the steps involved in making a single referral, this guide offers suggestions for building a referral network. It is primarily directed toward CSC clinicians, since they most often have responsibility for organizing the transition of their clients. However, it may also prove helpful to any CSC team member who leads or plays a supporting role in the transition process, including team leaders, case managers, supported education and employment specialists, peer specialists, and psychiatrists.


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