Supported Employment for Individuals With Mental Disorders

Published October 2022

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Employment is a key component of recovery for individuals with mental disorders. It is also inextricably linked with mental health and health outcomes. Research has documented the negative impacts of unemployment on population mental health, and employment has been causally linked to positive mental health outcomes for those with mental disorders.

To help individuals with serious mental illness obtain jobs, supported employment programs such as individual placement and support (IPS) are internationally recognized and considered the gold standard. Supported employment is a vital component of community-based mental health care and is included in the assertive community treatment (ACT) program. However, supported employment still faces reimbursement barriers; for example, many state Medicaid programs do not reimburse for IPS.

The following articles reflect ongoing work to modify supported employment for different settings and populations and to study how to effectively implement these programs more widely. Also included are articles that examine the impact of other programs and policies on employment outcomes and the effects of sustained employment on health outcomes.

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Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on a Statewide Individual Placement and Support Employment Initiative
Paul J. Margolies, Ph.D., I-Chin Chiang, M.S., Thomas C. Jewell, Ph.D., Karen Broadway-Wilson, B.S., Raymond Gregory, B.S., Gary Scannevin Jr., M.P.S., C.P.R.P., Lisa B. Dixon, M.D., M.P.H.
2022; Volume 73, Issue 6, pp. 705-708

Growth of IPS Supported Employment Programs in the United States: An Update
Jacqueline A. Pogue, M.P.H., Gary R. Bond, Ph.D., Robert E. Drake, M.D., Ph.D., Deborah R. Becker, M.Ed., Susanne M. Logsdon, B.A.
2022; Volume73, Issue 5, pp. 533-538

Evaluating Educational and Employment Services for Young People With Psychiatric Conditions: A Systematic Review
Judy L. Thompson, Ph.D., Katherine Holloway, M.A., Sean Karyczak, M.S., Megan R. Serody, B.S., Ian A. Lane, B.A., Marsha L. Ellison, Ph.D., Kenneth J. Gill, Ph.D., Maryann Davis, Ph.D., Michelle G. Mullen, M.S.
2022; Volume 73, Issue 7, pp. 787-800

Helping People Denied Disability Benefits for a Mental Health Impairment: The Supported Employment Demonstration
Jarnee Riley, M.S., Robert E. Drake, M.D., Ph.D., William Frey, Ph.D., Howard H. Goldman, M.D., Ph.D., Deborah R. Becker, M.Ed., C.R.C., David Salkever, Ph.D., Jocelyn Marrow, Ph.D., Christine Borger, Ph.D., Jeffrey Taylor, Ph.D., Gary R. Bond, Ph.D., Mustafa Karakus, Ph.D.
2021; Volume 72, Issue 12, pp. 1434–1440

Characteristics of Enrollees in the Supported Employment Demonstration
Christine Borger, Ph.D., Jocelyn Marrow, Ph.D., Robert E. Drake, Ph.D., M.D., Jeffrey Taylor, Ph.D.
2021; Volume 72, Issue 12, pp. 1400–1406

Evidence-Based Supported Employment in the Rural United States: Challenges and Adaptations
Monirah Al-Abdulmunem, M.S., Robert E. Drake, M.D., Ph.D., Elizabeth Carpenter-Song, Ph.D.
2021; Volume 72, Issue 6, pp. 712–715

A Randomized Controlled Trial Evaluating the Effectiveness of Supported Employment Integrated in Primary Care
Lori L. Davis, M.D., Mercy N. Mumba, Ph.D., Richard Toscano, M.Ed., Patricia Pilkinton, M.D., Catherine M. Blansett, Ph.D., Kimberly McCall, Ph.D., David MacVicar, Ph.D., Al Bartolucci, Ph.D.
2022; Volume 73, Issue 6, pp. 620–627

An RCT of Virtual Reality Job Interview Training for Individuals With Serious Mental Illness in IPS Supported Employment
Matthew J. Smith, Ph.D., L.C.S.W., Justin D. Smith, Ph.D., Shannon Blajeski, Ph.D., M.S.W., Brittany Ross, M.A., Neil Jordan, Ph.D., Morris D. Bell, Ph.D., Susan R. McGurk, Ph.D., Kim T. Mueser, Ph.D., Jane K. Burke-Miller, Ph.D., Eugene A. Oulvey, Ph.D., Michael F. Fleming, M.D., M.P.H., Karley Nelson, M.A., Adrienne Brown, M.S., John Prestipino, B.S., Nicole J. Pashka, M.S., C.R.C., Lisa A. Razzano, Ph.D., C.P.R.P.
2022; Volume 73, Issue 9, pp. 1027–1038

Competitive Employment Outcomes Among Veterans in VHA Therapeutic and Supported Employment Services Programs
Kristen M. Abraham, Ph.D., M.A., Matheos Yosef, Ph.D., Sandra G. Resnick, Ph.D., Kara Zivin, Ph.D., M.S.
2017; Volume 68, Issue 9, pp. 938–946

Job Endings and Work Trajectories of Persons Receiving Supported Employment and Cognitive Remediation
Carina Teixeira, Ph.D., Kim T. Mueser, Ph.D., E. Sally Rogers, Sc.D., Susan R. McGurk, Ph.D.
2018; Volume 69, Issue 7, pp. 812–818

Staff Time in the Community: An Enduring Critical Component of Individual Placement and Support in the Digital Age
Paul J. Margolies, Ph.D., I-Chin Chiang, M.S., Nancy H. Covell, Ph.D., Thomas C. Jewell, Ph.D., Karen Broadway-Wilson, B.S., Raymond Gregory, B.S., Gary Scannevin Jr., M.P.S., C.P.R.P., Lisa B. Dixon, M.D., M.P.H.
In Advance July 14, 2022

Relationship Between Self-Assessed Fidelity and Self-Reported Employment in the Individual Placement and Support Model of Supported Employment
Paul J. Margolies, Ph.D., Jennifer L. Humensky, Ph.D., I-Chin Chiang, M.S., Nancy H. Covell, Ph.D., Thomas C. Jewell, Ph.D., Karen Broadway-Wilson, B.S., Raymond Gregory, B.S., Gary Scannevin Jr., M.P.S., C.P.R.P., Lisa B. Dixon, M.D., M.P.H.
2018; Volume 69, Issue 5, pp. 609–612

Contents and Intensity of Services in Low- and High-Fidelity Programs for Supported Employment: Results of a Longitudinal Survey
Sosei Yamaguchi, Ph.D., Masashi Mizuno, Ph.D., Sayaka Sato, Ph.D., Asami Matsunaga, M.Sc., Natsuki Sasaki, M.Sc., Michiyo Shimodaira, Ph.D., Chiyo Fujii, Ph.D., M.D.
2020; Volume 71, Issue 5, pp. 472–479

Housing and Employment Outcomes for Mental Health Self-Direction Participants
Bevin Croft, M.P.P., Ph.D., Nilüfer İsvan, Ph.D., Susan L. Parish, Ph.D., Kevin J. Mahoney, Ph.D.
2018; Volume 69, Issue 7, pp. 819–825

Employment Outcomes After Certification as a Behavioral Health Peer Specialist in Four U.S. States
Laysha Ostrow, Ph.D., Judith A. Cook, Ph.D., Mark S. Salzer, Ph.D., Morgan Pelot, B.S., Jane K. Burke-Miller, Ph.D.
In Advance June 23, 2022

Effects of Sustained Competitive Employment on Psychiatric Hospitalizations and Quality of Life
Dorothea Jäckel, M.A., Zeno Kupper, Ph.D., Sibylle Glauser, M.A., Kim T. Mueser, Ph.D., Holger Hoffmann, M.D.
2017; Volume 68, Issue 6, pp. 603–609

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