Is internet (online) based therapy effective for depression? 

There is strong evidence that internet based mental health delivered via live video (telepsychiatry is effective) [1]. There is also strong evidence that self guided internet based therapies like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) delivered via a computer can also be effective [2] but there is often concern that outside of research studies – many people are not able to stick with, and thus benefit from, these self guided therapies [3]. Thus if recommending a self guided internet based therapy to a patient – it is critical to make a plan for how the patient will remain adherent and complete all sessions. At the time of this writing – it is best to consider these self guided programs as adjudicative treatments for depression that should not supersede standard of care. While combined computer and in-person interventions may be useful, caution should be taken with only remote computer based interventions at this time.


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