How to prepare for aftercare services post inpatient hospital discharge?

Inpatient mental health treatment centers offer a safe and healthy place where people who are seeking behavioral health services can find support and start their recovery. During the inpatient stay, the person receiving services can focus on becoming well and start to work on their therapeutic goals.

After care (hospital discharge) planning, is a vital component of the person’s recovery. Prior to the discharge, the patient should receive a copy of the completed discharge instructions including their recovery goals, medications, potential triggers and signs of relapse, reminders of healthy coping skills, and the treatment recommendation i.e., partial hospitalization program (PHP), intensive outpatient program (IOP), community counseling service, etc. including the facilities name, number and contact person.

Occasionally, the person may need your support with advocacy when their interests, desires, needs, and rights are not being met. Some people need encouragement to speak up and advocate for themselves and others may need help understanding and communicating their rights and needs to others to advocate for themselves in the future. Here’s a helpful inpatient hospital discharge checklist.

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