How can an individual improve their functioning despite having some cognitive problems?

One option is to consider computer-based, online cognitive training programs which are generally considered to be restorative of brain functioning. There are several web-based cognitive training programs available to the public for a monthly charge or a modest annual fee. These programs include BrainHQ, Happy Neuron, and Lumosity. The individual needs a computer with sufficient processing speed and an internet connection. These programs are self-paced in that the program guides the person through the cognitive training steps. The exercises are aimed at improving cognitive functions such as short-term and long-term memory, reasoning and problem solving, concentration, and speed of processing. These programs provide feedback on progress and allow the person to track his/her “best” scores for each brain exercise. For some brain exercises, the score is given in milliseconds (ms) so a lower score is actually better. Feedback on which exercise programs have been used, the levels achieved, and where the participant needs more training are provided in graphs or charts. Some programs, such as Lumosity, have a pre-test that can be repeated to check on whether the person is improving.

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