Epidemiology of First Episode Psychosis in Large Integrated Healthcare Systems

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Accurate estimates of the incidence of first episode psychosis are the basis for evaluating the adequacy of early intervention programming. Typically these estimates have been based on persons who are treated in specialty settings – often inpatient programs. Such estimates, while valuable, miss individuals who are served outside of specialty settings. In this webinar, Dr. Simon presents estimates based upon the Mental Health Research Network, which is an NIMH supported activity that has built a data system covering 13 integrated healthcare systems (with approximately 13 million members) that includes information about the full range of primary and specialty care settings. The incidence estimates from this more comprehensive data set are substantially greater than most of those based on specialty utilization, especially among older cohorts. Dr. Simon discusses the implications of these estimates in light of the anticipated rate of spontaneous remission on service planning. Dr. Susan Azrin from NIMH react to the presentation.


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