Clozapine & LAI Virtual Forum – January 2023 (Video) – OCD in patients taking clozapine

The Clozapine & LAI Virtual Forum gathers prescribers together each month to discuss a hot topic. Drop in and be part of an interactive dialogue between psychiatrists, nurse practitioners, and other prescribing clinicians. It is informal — just join our Zoom call and share your challenges and questions on the month’s trending topic around either clozapine or LAIs.

Below is the recording to the Virtual Forum held on January 11, 2023.

Topic: Obsessive Compulsive Symptoms in Patients Taking Clozapine 

Discussion Facilitators: Robert Cotes, MD, SMI Adviser Clozapine Expert; Donna Rolin, PhD, SMI Adviser Nursing Expert; Hannah Albritton, MD, Emory School of Medicine; Jordan Cattie, PhD, Emory School of Medicine; Oliver Freudenreich, MD, FACLP, Massachusetts General Hospital

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Downloads slides from the Virtual Forum.

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