Can you recommend a brief assessment tool that can be administered easily, but is valid for assessing neurocognitive functioning in individuals with SMI?

The Brief Cognitive Assessment Tool for Schizophrenia (B-CATS) was designed to be administered and scored by clinicians who want to assess neurocognitive functioning in individuals who have SMI. The B-CATS is composed of three, brief objective neurocognitive tests that when combined provide an estimate of general cognitive ability. Scores from the B-CATS can provide clinicians with meaningful information regarding cognitive abilities that are known to be related to activities of daily living, such as school performance or social activities. The B-CATS takes about 10 minutes to administer yet correlates very highly with full neurocognitive test batteries that take much longer to administer and score. Although the B-CATS contains straightforward and easy to use instructions for administration and scoring, having some neuropsychological assessment experience or access to related consultation and supervision would be helpful. For additional information about the administration and scoring of the B-CATS, see:


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