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Professional Experiences in Correctional Psychiatry

Receive valuable strategies and guidance through this three part series, Professional Experiences in Correctional Psychiatry. Led by Debra Pinals, MD, six speakers will dive into their experience as experts treating individuals with serious mental illness (SMI) in correctional settings. They will share strategies to help you adjust to the correctional environment, provide essential treatment tips they have learned, and discuss difficult circumstances and how to tackle them as correctional mental health providers caring for individuals with SMI.

Adapting to the Environment

Elizabeth Ford, MD and Matthew Edwards, MD will discuss the first time they treated a patient with SMI in a correctional setting, strategies they employed to adjust to the environment, and advice they would give to correctional mental health providers to make their experience meaningful and positive.

Basic Treatment Lessons Learned

Kathryn Hall, MD and Charletta Dennis, MD will discuss cases where their treatment approach yielded a positive outcome, lessons they have learned around screening and diagnosis and ways to maximize the quality of care in correctional settings.

Sticky Situations

Irina King, MD and Abhishek “Beesh” Jain, MD will discuss challenging situations from a treatment perspective, strategies they used to overcome these situations, and advice they would give providers working with individuals with SMI in correctional environments.


About This Initiative

SMI Adviser is funded by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) and administered by the American Psychiatric Association (APA). The APA works closely on this project with a team of experts from 30 other mental health organizations. This team includes individuals, families, clinical experts, peers, and policy makers – all working to create access to the best resources on serious mental illness (SMI).

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Resources on Serious Mental Illness

When it comes to serious mental illness (SMI) it is crucial to find information you can trust.

SMI Adviser offers researched, vetted and verified guidance to the best resources on SMI.

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SMI Adviser has a simple mission. To advance the use of a person-centered approach to care for people who have serious mental illness (SMI).

How do we do that? We offer a clinical support system that mental health clinicians can trust. Access an array of evidence-based education, resources, and answers from our team of mental health experts.

This leads to better care so people with SMI can live better lives.

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