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Education and resources to help you support people in rural and remote communities.
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Welcome to the Rural Peer Support Learning Community

This community lets you connect with peer support specialists across the country who work in rural and remote communities. Access free resources, find answers for common challenges, and enhance your skills as a valuable member of the mental health team.

  • Live networking and community-building sessions
  • Live and on-demand educational opportunities
  • On-demand consultations for any questions around peer support
  • Hundreds of answers and resources in the SMI Adviser Knowledge Base
  • Downloadable guides, infographics, toolkits, and more

The community moderators are Lisa Ragan of Tennessee and Tony Sanchez of Georgia, two dynamic peer leaders. Their focus is to build community, create learning opportunities, and promote networking and sharing. They lead live learning sessions on the third Tuesday of each month. Peer support specialists can register for the learning community now!

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This initiative is a partnership between SMI Adviser and the National Association of State Mental Health Program Directors (NASMHPD).

The idea for this learning community is based on feedback from peer support specialists during the development of the guide, “Improving Behavioral Health Services for Individuals with SMI in Rural and Remote Communities.” In partnership with SMI Adviser, the developments of this guide and learning community was supported by the National Association of State Mental Health Program Directors (NASMHPD) and the NASMHPD Research Institute (NRI).

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Resources on Peer Support

Browse resources and find answers from the SMI Adviser Knowledge Base

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Our community moderators lead live learning sessions on the third Tuesday of each month at 6:00pm ET. Want to get more details? Register for the learning community now!

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Find Guidance on Questions Around Peer Support

Submit any questions you have on peer support skill building, workforce challenges, and more. Receive a response within one business day from SMI Adviser.

What are the best self-care apps to help with treatment adherence?
Are there best practices to promote skills growth and retention in the peer workforce?
Where can I find the best online peer certification programs?

Trending Topics

Use our Knowledge Base to find evidence-based answers and resources on peer support. Here are some popular topics.

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