Why should urine drug screening be done in clinical practice?

Patients and families should  think of urine drug testing as being similar to a thermometer, blood pressure cuff or stethoscope because it can be an important and vital piece of healthcare information. If an individuals is being prescribed controlled medications, patients and families should expect urine drug testing to occur during treatment in order to document compliance with treatment. Urine drug testing is not a punishment and is not designed to catch patients who are lying or minimizing their use of substances. Clinical decisions based on accurate results of urine drug testing allow clinicians and patients to accept accountability, document compliance with treatment planning and minimize misuse and abuse of controlled medications.

Access “Substance Use Disorder Case Studies: Drug Testing, Toxicology and Forensic Medicine” at: https://pcssnow.org/event/substance-use-disorder-case-studies-drug-testing-toxicology-and-forensic-medicine/

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