What are ways of addressing grief or anxiety during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Anxiety and grief about illness or death from COVID-19 are for the most part understandable and appropriate. So too are many anxieties around job security and uncertainty about the future. Many of the rituals we follow to support people who are grieving involve in person contact, which is often not an option during COVID-19.

Informal or formal support from friends, family, and colleagues can be vital in processing anxiety and grief. Consider developing rituals to grieve and to honor a person’s life even if you can’t do this in person. Be mindful of the distinction between what you can and can’t control. In cases where grief or anxiety becomes out of proportion to the situation or seriously affects your ability to function, you may need to seek care from a mental health provider.

See this article from The Atlantic about grief during COVID-19: All the Things We Have to Mourn Now

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