How effective are depression self-help apps for serious mental illness?

Apps for depression self-help are more effective if you use them with your therapist or clinical team instead of alone. This result was found in a 2019 paper that you can access and read for free. The paper shows that depression self help apps can help a little but overall are not effective enough to be used alone instead of regular care, but they can be used “with” care. If you want to learn more about apps, talk to your clinical team or watch this free webinar from SMI Adviser: Informed Decision Making for Picking SMI Smartphone Apps (February 2019).



Weisel, K.K., Fuhrmann, L.M., Berking, M. et al. Standalone smartphone apps for mental health—a systematic review and meta-analysis. npj Digit. Med. 2, 118 (2019) doi:10.1038/s41746-019-0188-8

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