How can peer support address the unique needs of older adults with SMI?

Peer support is an evidence-based practice which has been shown to activate self-management and engagement with care among people with SMI. Older adult peer support is a promising specialization designed to address the unmet mental health and substance use needs of older individuals with SMI. Certified peer specialists complete rigorous supplemental training to support older adults with SMI. The curriculum includes cross-training in wellness coaching to support older adults with changes in physical health that come with age and promote healthy aging. Peer support can help with the impact of social isolation and the loss of family and friends on older adults with SMI. Certified older adult peer specialists provide culturally competent support tailored to the unique needs of older adults with SMI. We recently offered the Certified Older Adults (COAPS) as Advocates for Recovery webinar, which is available on demand through the SMI Adviser website here.

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