How can digital technology like smartphone apps help with care for people at clinical high risk for psychosis or with first episode psychosis?

People at clinical high risk for psychosis or with first episode psychosis increasingly own and use smartphones today. These smartphone can also be used to advance mental health and recovery. A 2019 review of smartphone apps for these populations focused on how they can help with core domains in care including case management and team leadership, recovery-oriented psychotherapy, medication management, employment and education support, coordination with primary care services, and family education and support. The review found 21 studies of 16 unique apps. Results suggested that today these apps are being used to mostly support case management and recovery-oriented psychotherapy (peer led or online CBT). Thus apps used to support case management and therapy may be a good starting point because there is more evidence and examples of how to they can help with recovery. For detailed examples and results, read the full paper for free.

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