How are peer support services paid for? Is peer support Medicaid reimbursable?

There is no simple answer that applies to all states. Peer support is Medicaid reimbursable in most states, but the mechanism differs from state to state. Some states have funded peer support as a part of its fee-for-service Medicaid program. Some states are able to reimburse under specific Medicaid waivers. Many states include peer support through Medicaid Managed Care Organizations, who contract with the state to provide Medicaid services. A few states pay for some peer support from state general revenue which allows people who are not yet on Medicaid, or are not eligible, to receive support under certain circumstances. Depending on the state in which a person is seeking peer support, it is important for individuals and/or families to consult with the agency that provides the services and with  state, local, or health plan funding organizations.

For information on the impact of medicaid peer support on costs, view this report.

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