What type of clinical experience is needed for administering the Cognitive Assessment Interview, a tool for assessing cognitive functioning in individuals with SMI?

The Cognitive Assessment Interview (CAI) is an interview-based tool for assessing several domains of cognitive functioning of individuals with SMI. The CAI Manual, CAI Rating Form, and supplemental instructions are required to guide administration. The CAI was designed to be administered by clinicians who have experience interviewing and assessing individuals with SMI such as psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, MFTs, and psychiatric nurses. A Masters degree or the equivalent is preferred. The interviewer needs to be aware that the CAI is not solely based on self-report or on the individual’s perception of his/her cognitive functioning. Thus, the interviewer must be able to make an expert judgment about how the individual’s current level of cognitive functioning is related to his/her activities of daily living such as school performance and social activities. When indicated, the interviewer needs to separate the influence of positive and/or negative symptoms or depression from the effects of poor cognitive functioning on activities of daily living. Additionally, the CAI interviewer determines if lack of motivation or cognitive functioning appear to be the primary contributor to impairment in daily functioning. The CAI interview takes about 15 minutes to administer.

Please download these items to administer CAI:

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