What is the best telehealth platform to purchase and use in my practice?

There are many vendors of telehealth platforms, each offering unique products. While many will make claims why theirs is the best platform to pick, the simple reality is that picking a telehealth platform is personal decision that will depend on numerous factors related to your clinical practice, local and state laws, billing models, technical needs and more. A useful first step is to talk with someone in your state who has or uses a telehealth platform as SMI Adviser does not evaluate or rate telehealth platforms. Members of the American Telemedicine Association can access its Buyers Guide but membership is required.

The National Consortium of Telehealth Resource Centers can also be useful.

Several blogs linked below can offer useful advice but not clear direction.

  1. Keys to selecting the right telehealth platform (Healio) 
  2. Picking the right telehealth platform for a small or solo practice (mHealth Intelligence)

If seeking personal help, please submit a consult and outline the details of what you are considering and information about your intended use case.

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