What interventions are found to be effective in supporting treatment and recovery for adolescents with substance use disorders?

For young people with opioid use disorders (OUD), treatment with medications is a key part of their treatment plan. Indeed, young people with OUD who receive medication are more likely to remain engaged in treatment. In addition to medications, the components of an effective treatment plan should include individual, group and family therapy, eliciting support from one’s support network including family, peers and living environment in addition to structured living through school, work or volunteering. CRAFT or Community Reinforcement and Family Training is a unilateral treatment program involving parents of adolescents with OUD to coach them in strategies effective in increasing their children’s motivation to engage in treatment. Other school based recovery support interventions and mutual support groups including twelve step programs (such as AA or NA) or non-twelve step programs (such as SMART recovery) were also found to be effective in this population.

Access “Recovery Support for Young People with Opioid Use Disorders” at: https://pcssnow.org/event/recovery-support-for-young-people-with-opioid-use-disorders/

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