TA Coalition Webinar: Discharge and Step-Down in Coordinated Specialty Care (CSC) for Persons with a First Episode of Psychosis – Part II

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This webinar explores important issues related to successful transition from first episode programming.  Part 1 of this series identified concerns with the long term maintenance of the improved outcomes that are routinely found for clients served in FEP programs.  The longer term follow-up literature suggests that many of these gains may be lost over time.  The presentation featured research that demonstrated the benefits of extending a program to 5 years and some step down or extension strategies that are being explored by two US FEP programs.  Part 2 takes another look at the follow-up literature, present some results from national evaluation of FEP programs regarding transition practices and consumer’s thoughts about leaving FEP programs. There is also a discussion of the many clinical, financing, research and policy issues that should be addressed in developing strategies to help assure long term benefits of FEP programming.


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