Is there help available to pay for medications to treat mental illness?

The costs of psychotropic medications can be overwhelming for patients and their families. As the care team, you should be the first place where they begin addressing this question. Let them know of any drug assistance programs available through your organization. There are resources and programs available that are designed to help cover the cost of medication. The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) provides information on getting help paying for medication that includes information on health insurance options, prescription assistance programs and pharmaceutical company programs that discount medication ( Your county or community mental health care center may offer medication and mental health care services on a sliding scale basis. Your NAMI affiliate may be able to help you locate this center. To find the NAMI affiliate in your area, visit If your patient is out of medication and need help right away, you may be able to locate a free and charitable clinic in your area that may be able to help (

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