How can I talk to someone about tapering off opioids?

Initiating the conversation on the benefits of tapering opioids to a patient can be a difficult one filled with resistance. This resource provides clinicians with practical and scientific strategies on what to say to patients about tapering off opiates. In this current prescribing environment, providers are urged to consider non-opioid treatments to manage chronic pain when benefits of opioids do not outweigh their risks for individual patients. Many providers want to taper off opioids but are fearful of conflict and resistance from patients and families. It is important that providers make a rational case for an opioid taper to these patients, while addressing patients’ concerns and emotional reactions, and set reasonable expectations for the taper. Multiple options are available to treat pain without opioid therapy. These can be utilized within an integrative approach with a focus on behavioral therapies that foster patient buy-in and active participation to improve pain control while enhancing quality of life.

Access “Navigating Perception and Managing Expectations in a Changing Prescribing Environment: Addressing the Need for an Opioid Taper and Managing the Patient from an Integrative Approach” at:

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