The Second National Conference on Advancing Early Psychosis Care

Oct 2nd, 2019
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A one-day, clinically focused pre-conference on innovative early psychosis care.

APA, NIMH, SAMHSA, and SMI Adviser are partnering with PEPPNET (Psychosis-Risk and Early Psychosis Program Network) to bring the second National Conference on Advancing Early Psychosis Care in the United States to IPS with the theme, “The Complexities of Real-World Care.”

This event will pull together a diverse group of speakers, including national experts in coordinated specialty care implementation comprised of:

  • clinical experts,
  • mental health policy leaders, and
  • people who themselves have experienced psychosis and recovery.

Keynote speakers, workshops and panel presentations will cover a wide range of topics and provide clinicians with quality tools that can be implemented in the care of individuals with clinical high risk (CHR) or early psychosis.

Oct 2nd, 2019