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from Operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom experience a mental health condition or brain injury

SMI and Veterans

SMI Adviser helps you provide the best possible care to veterans and family members who are impacted by serious mental illness (SMI). Our mission is to advance the use of a person-centered approach to care that ensures people who have SMI find the treatment and support they need.

Mental health conditions are a large source of medical and occupational morbidity among active-duty service members and veterans. Those who suffer from SMI have higher rates of hospitalization, suicidality, and more. And it affects not only veterans. SMI affects family members, friends, caregivers, and more.

As a veterans health care professional, we invite you to use SMI Adviser. And invite colleagues, patients, families, and anyone who needs answers about SMI.

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Our clinical experts can answer questions about SMI from all mental health clinicians. Ask us about psychopharmacology, therapies, recovery supports, patient and family engagement, education, and much more.

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