Strength in Partnership NAMI + SMI Adviser

Working together, NAMI and SMI Adviser have curated a collection of resources for individuals experiencing serious mental illness (SMI) and their families, as well as online courses for clinicians. Our goal is to support delivery of evidence-based care to individuals who have SMI.

NAMI and SMI Adviser

As the nation’s largest grassroots mental health organization, NAMI plays a key role in SMI Adviser. NAMI’s director of information and support, Teri Brister, PhD, LPC, serves on our Clinical Expert Team. She helps guide our strategy and develop content for individuals, families, and the general public.

SMI has a huge impact on everyone, from individuals all the way up to entire communities and health care systems. NAMI and SMI Adviser work together to promote the use of evidence-based treatments and strategies. Over the coming months, we plan to create webinars, videos, fact sheets, and other content that individuals and families can use to foster recovery.

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