Strength in Partnership APNA + SMI Adviser

Working together, APNA and SMI Adviser have curated a collection of online courses, resources, and expertise for psychiatric nurses. Our goal is to help you deliver evidence-based care to individuals who have serious mental illness (SMI).

APNA and SMI Adviser

The APNA plays a key role in SMI Adviser. APNA Board Member Donna Rolin, PhD, APRN, is a member of our Clinical Expert Team. She helps guide our strategy, respond to consult questions, and create education for nursing professionals. The APNA also provides nursing accreditation for SMI Adviser education.

As one of more than 13,000 APRNs across the country who specialize in psychiatry, we welcome you to SMI Adviser. You have a key role in the care and support of individuals who have serious mental illness. We invite you to submit consult questions and take our online courses. Let SMI Adviser help you provide the best possible care to individuals who have SMI.

Photos: Used with permission from Donna Rolin, APRN, PhD.


A curated selection of resources on psychiatric nursing from the SMI Adviser Knowledge Base


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