Strength in Partnership AACAP + SMI Adviser

Working together, AACAP and SMI Adviser have curated a collection of online courses, resources, and expertise for child and adolescent psychiatrists. Our goal is to help you deliver evidence-based care to individuals who have serious mental illness (SMI).

AACAP and SMI Adviser

As a member of our Advisory Board, AACAP plays a key role in SMI Adviser. Experts from AACAP help us create education and resources on evidence-based treatments for SMI.

Half of all chronic mental illness begins by age 14, and 13 percent of American children ages 8 to 15 experience a severe mental disorder. Early detection and intervention is critical for these children. AACAP and SMI Adviser work together to promote the use of evidence-based tools, treatments, and recovery supports. Over the coming months, we plan to create content on these topics in a variety of formats.


A curated selection of resources on treatment of SMI in children and adolescents from the SMI Adviser Knowledge Base


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